ZTE prepping a new 'Axon Phone' for the U.S. this summer

A new Android smartphone that seemingly is coming out of nowhere in fact is from a very familiar place.

Those of us who wade through press releases for a living have recently found ourselves bombarded with mentions of an upcoming “Axon Phone.” We hadn’t given it too much thought — there are hundreds of random phones out there fighting for attention. But it turns out there’s a little more to this story. PC Mag’s Sascha Segan uncovered that this “Axon” thing actually comes from phone manufacturer ZTE.

So, things are a little more interesting now. And the phone itself doesn’t look horrible, with Google services, 4GB of RAM and a promise of excellent audio. It’s sporting dual cameras on the back, for that refocusing stuff that we’ve seen come (and go) on other phones.

Source: iMore

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