Yahoo's FirstLook You is bad and everyone involved should feel bad

The previews and pre-roll content for just about any movie theater in America today include at least one app you can install on your phone. Some of these apps place your phone in a silent mode and reward you with discounts on concessions for not being That Guy, while others offer you some kind of ad-related interactive experience. Cinemark’s FirstLook programming now includes an ad encouraging users to conduct a “Selfie Movie Review” after the movie with a service called FirstLook You.

It’s a service in partnership with Yahoo Movies to get people involved in talking about the movie when it’s still fresh in their minds, and would probably be pretty cool if the implementation wasn’t the worst software experience I’ve had so far this year.

The Cinemark ad gets users interested in the service by showing a user giving a review for a movie that is already out, and aside from exactly zero of the Selfie Movie Reviews in the ad being actual selfies — none of the users were holding phones, in fact it all looked recorded on professional cameras — it seemed like a good idea. With services like Periscope gaining popularity daily we’re clearly seeing more folks interested in sharing their thoughts with the world in video form, and while I wouldn’t say a separate app is needed for reviewing movies I could see how regular theater attendees would be interested. Curiosity piqued, I installed the app right there in the theater. At least, I tried to.

Source: iMore

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