Where to buy Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard looks cool. Where can I get one?

We’ve been getting this question a lot as of late. We talk about Google Cardboard, the cool stuff you can do with it, and speculate on Google’s future plans for the platform. People want to use it, so they need to know where to get it into their hot little hands.

Google isn’t selling the new version 2.0 Cardboard viewers themselves. They never sold the original, so that’s not surprising. And version 2.0 is what you want if you already don’t have a viewer — it works for larger phones like the Nexus 6 or Note 4, and the new “input” method of a small capacitive tape-covered lever means it works on phones that didn’t support the magnetic slider-switch like some from Sony or LG.

Let’s see how you can get yourself a new Cardboard viewer.

Source: iMore

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