What would you change about iTunes Music?

Apple says music is in the company’s DNA, but what needs to be in its music offering?

The original iPhone shipped with an iPod app that played the music you synced over via USB from iTunes on the desktop. A half a year later it was joined by the iTunes Store app, and you could buy music directly. Eventually, you could even buy over cellular. Then came iCloud and re-downloads, the short-lived Ping social music network, iTunes Match as a music locker, and iTunes Radio as music stations. Then Apple bought beats, and as a result we didn’t hear much about music for a while. Now rumor has it Apple has a new music service on the way for iOS 9, to be previewed perhaps as early as WWDC 2015 on June 8. But what do you want from it?

  • New iTunes Radio/Beats hybrid service.
  • iTunes for iCloud, so iTunes for PC can die, and we can get our content from any browser.
  • Separate, dedicated Music app for OS X so it’s leaner, just like iOS.
  • Higher/no limit on iTunes Match song library.
  • Handoff support between iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV
  • Podcast integration
  • International support

Those are just a few ideas, but I’d love to hear yours. iTunes was quiet last year, but this year it could start to sing again. If Apple asked you what you wanted to see in Music for iOS 9, what would you tell them?

Source: iMore

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