What would a 5.7-inch 'Galaxy S6 Plus' mean for Samsung?

Reports suggesting a new Galaxy S6 variant is in the works leave us with more questions than answers. All the same, a 5.7-inch ‘GS6 Plus’ remains an intriguing possibility.

Remember how Samsung was supposed to release the Galaxy S5 Prime last year, but then didn’t? And then how that device was supposed to have turned into the Galaxy F, which in turn vanished like a startled vampire around the time the Galaxy Note 4 debuted?

Well, twelve months on, it’s time for another white whale of a Samsung super-flagship. Say hello to the rumored Galaxy S6 Plus (or Galaxy S6 edge Plus, depending on which rumors you’re reading) supposedly hitting sometime this quarter with a bigger screen and S6 edge-style dual edge displays.

Rumors are rumors, and should be treated as such in the absence of any firm evidence. Nevertheless, the prospect of a “plus” model Samsung flagship so soon after the vanilla GS6’s launch — and indeed so close to the inevitable Galaxy Note 5 — is an intriguing prospect. Let’s dive into what it could mean for Samsung and its competitors.

Source: iMore

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