WeMesh makes long-distance YouTube viewing parties a reality

WeMesh lets you watch YouTube videos with your friends, even if you’re separated by miles.

If you’ve ever wanted to recreate the experience of sitting around a computer screen and watching YouTube videos with your friends that are miles away now, WeMesh may be worth checking out. The app allows you to pull up YouTube videos with your friends, no matter where they are, and synchronizes playback between devices while you chat away with text or voice.

Some other features of the app include real-time voting between friends on what plays next and access to practically any YouTube video you could want (WeMesh clocks it in at over 2 billion). Finally, if you happen to actually be in the same room with your friends, WeMesh leverages its synchronization engine to turn your group of phones into an ad-hoc speaker system.

If you’re interested in checking out WeMesh and hosting a long-distance YouTube viewing party of your own, you can try the app out for free at the link below.

Source: iMore

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