Watch this gameplay preview of ARK: Survival Evolved, coming to Xbox One next year

Dinosaurs are big right now. Of course, they’ve always been physically large (except for the little ones like Compsognathus). But the recently-released Jurassic World movie broke all kinds of box-office records (despite featuring some unnecessary cruelty). People just love dinosaurs, and yet they hardly show up in movies or games.

If you do dig dinos, then indie developer Studio Wildcard has just the game for you. ARK: Survival Evolved, currently available via Steam Early Access and coming to Xbox One next year, is a cooperative survival game featuring all manner of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Players will have to work together to survive, build shelter, tame or kill primeval beasts, and ultimately escape from the island that time forgot.

We recently grilled ARK’s Senior Technical and Gameplay Designer about dinosaurs, development, and much more. Read on for our quick impressions with an exclusive interview and gameplay video!

Source: iMore

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