Verizon Wireless' Galaxy S6 is the best Galaxy S6

Big Red gets a lot of shade thrown their way most days, but their version of the Galaxy S6 is my favorite by far.

It’s an unpopular opinion on the Internet — at least in the highly vocal smartphone nerd corner of the Internet — but Verizon Wireless is an impressive mobile carrier in my book. My personal line on Verizon is from the golden age of unlimited data, and while it’s not really fair to use that as a point in their favor now that those plans have been eradicated, I still have it and it’s still nice, so I selfishly cling to it.

In exchange for that sweet, sweet line of unlimited data that works great everywhere I have ever traveled in the US, I put up with a lot of crap. I miss out on cool devices like the OnePlus One, the Nexus 6 got delayed by what felt like forever, and I still shudder when I think about what they did to the Sony Xperia Z3v this year. The devices I do get access to are usually full of apps I don’t want, and the check mark tramp stamp on the back is a constant joke among some of my friends. Every once in a while it’s worth it, like the time we Verizon users got a sweet red and black HTC One M8 or when the Droid Turbo turned out to be a particularly nice phone, but most of the time it’s just sad.

For once, however, the Verizon version of a phone feels like an amazing upgrade. I’m talking about the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, and it’s all about the software.

Source: iMore

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