Using the Cyanogen OS Gallery

Like many other third party Gallery apps, the Cyanogen OS offering is all about offering a single destination for all of your photos.

It’s reasonably safe to say that most smartphone camera users fall into two categories. Your photos are either meticulously organized into folders and you only keep the ones you like, or your photo galley is a dumpster that only gets cleaned out when you wipe the device or run out of storage. The prevalence of cloud backup services has made this divide fairly easy to accomplish, and because there are so many of them nowadays there’s been a unique push for the local Gallery app to be the central hub to connect cloud and local photo storage.

The Cyanogen OS Gallery is a decent example of this experience, and whether your photo collection resembles a teenager’s bedroom floor or a well organized closet the app has you covered. Here’s how it works.

Source: iMore

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