Using EasyHome on the LG G4

Whether you’re new to smartphones or just new to this one, EasyHome is there to help you use your phone.

Your home screen — the place you first see when you unlock your phone or hit the home button — is run by a type of app called a launcher. There are many launchers for users at every skill level, and while the Home launcher that LG ships with the G4 is fairly standard, they’ve gone a step simpler with EasyHome. This launcher is stripped down and super-sized so that icons are easier to read and touch. Maybe you’re new to Android and aren’t used to your home screen and your app drawer being separate things. Maybe you’re looking for a setup that’s a bit easier on the eyes and a bit bigger for your thumbs. Maybe you just bought this phone for a relative and you need a home screen that won’t confuse them.

EasyHome is here for you.

Source: iMore

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