Twitterrific gets tweet quoting support and Apple Watch quick replies

Twitterrific has added in enhancements to usability on both the iPhone and Apple Watch. The app now also fully supports Twitter’s tweet quoting feature.

Twitterrific 5.12 makes the app easier to use with one hand, adding the option to move the tab bar to the bottom of your timeline. Doing so will also reveal a customizable slot on the bar. The app has also added full support for Twitter’s tweet quoting feature. Hold down on the retweet button to quote a tweet.

Apple Watch owners can now use quick replies with Twitterrific, along with emoji. You can see all of the new features coming along with Twitterrific 5.12 in the list below:

  • Full support for Quoted Tweets
    • Tap and hold on the RT button to quote a tweet
    • Preview quoted tweets in your timeline, tap to view them
  • Settings option to display tab bar at the bottom of the screen (iPhone only)
    • An additional customizable nav bar slot is displayed at the bottom
  • Tapping the currently-selected tab toggles between:
    • The marker position and the top of the timeline
    • If no marker is available, timeline will scroll to the most recent Load More gap
  • New tab bar option – My Tweets (tap and hold to set)
    • Displays a timeline of your own recent tweets
  • Added URL scheme for sharing and importing muffles
    • Tap and hold on a term in your muffle list to share with others
    • Import by tapping on a shared muffle rule URL
  • Redesigned in-app notification banners for greater visibility
    • Swipe downward on any notification to quickly dismiss
    • Only notifications for your current account are displayed
    • Tap any notification to view additional information
  • Apple Watch: Added emoji and quick replies
    • Enabled from the options screen in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone

There are a number of other background improvements, including UI tweaks to the Apple Watch app, an increased number of tweets loaded when tapping the Load More button, and fixes to Imgur linking.

You can grab Twitterrific 5.12 in the App Store right now.

Source: iMore

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