Top 5 biggest video game design mistakes

From the Atari 2600’s temperamental controllers of the to the Xbox One’s stereoscopic rumble triggers, gaming has certainly come a long way – but it’s not all good news.

In this article, I’m going to sound off some of the most annoying game design mistakes that, despite piles of feedback from gamers all over the world, still seem to crop up.

There are probably hundreds of game design flaws that manage to slip into our games, sometimes with the best intentions, but here are my personal 5 most reviled.

Tacked on multiplayer

Tacked on multiplayer is one of my pet peeves. This extends to both co-op and separate multiplayer experiences that dilute the core strengths of an existing franchise.

Dead Space 3 is a stark example of how forced multiplayer can help kill a franchise. Dead Space came about at time when triple A horror was on the ropes, giving us a compromised but memorable action horror. Dead Space 2 built on the first, trading tension for shock value and spectacle, but was still solid overall and achieved decent sales. The second game had a Left 4 Dead-like multiplayer mode, which offered decent laughs for one or two sessions. I don’t think anybody expected it to achieve any sort of traction, but it was inoffensive.

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