Time-traveling, genre-spanning adventure Evoland 2 coming to Windows PC in August

Not long ago, I was quite taken with Steam platformer Adventures of Pip‘s smart use graphic styles from different gaming eras. While the mix of art styles and puzzle platforming was certainly clever, combining different genres of games would be even more so. That’s just what indie developer Shiro Games accomplished with their Steam and mobile debut title Evoland back in 2013.

Fast-forward to today and Shiro Games has just announced that Evoland 2 will come to Windows PC next month. Evoland 2 promises a sprawling action-RPG (not unlike Zelda and Secret of Mana) with tons of different graphic and gameplay styles. Players will hop from action-RPG to a fighting game, shoot ’em up, and many more genres – all in one epic adventure.

Read on for my hands-on impressions with an early build of Evoland 2 and lots of mouth-watering screenshots!

Source: iMore

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