The week's best Mac games: Sunset, Audiosurf 2, and more!

Here are the latest Mac gaming releases, hot off the digital presses!

Want to know which new Mac games are worth a look this week? Here are my five picks to check out if you’re looking for something new and exciting: Read on for high-stakes narrative adventures, pumping rhythms, and fast-paced strategy.

1. Sunset

This Tales of Tales’ first-person narrative is set in the 1970s and told from the perspective of Angela, a black university grad who ends up stuck housekeeping for a wealthy client in South America. The game is a meditative exploration of Angela’s struggle to acclimate to her current circumstances, her memories of her previous life, and her thoughts on activism and the social upheaval happening in the city below her.

2. Audiosurf 2

Audiosurf’s sequel has, at last, exited its lengthy early access beta phase. This rhythm game allows you to import your own music library, after which it will build a racing-themed rhythm track based on your songs’ climaxes and cool-downs. New to Audiosurf 2 is a “surfing” mode that allows players to intentionally distort bits and pieces of songs as they play.

3. Catlateral Damage

Have you ever wanted to just throw all of your possessions on the floor? Humans don’t ordinarily have any opportunity to engage in such cathartic (… cat-hartic?) destructions of physical property — not without having to worry about cleaning it up, paying for damages, and issuing apologies. Boring! Catlateral Damage lets you embrace your inner destructive animal without the consequences: Rack up points by using your kitty paws to slam all of your owners’ prized possessions onto the floor as fast as possible.

4. Ninja Pizza Girl

Like most teens, 16-year-old Gemma has a cruddy food service job: dropping off pizzas for her dad’s delivery service. But Gemma lives in a gritty cyberpunk dystopia. In spite of this 2D platformer’s futuristic surroundings, Gemma’s worst enemies are still the same as they would be today: She has to avoid other teenagers, dodging their hurtful insults so she can complete her pizza route in peace.

5. Interloper

Real-time strategy games can be an overwhelming time-sink: So much to learn, so many overwhelming bits and pieces, so much time required to learn and to play. Not so with Interloper, a rapid-fire strategy game that will scratch your crafting itch without stacking up a huge learning curve. Matches last only a few minutes, so if you’re too busy — or too overwhelmed — to try Civilization or StarCraft, Interloper could hit that sweet spot.

What else is out there?

Spot any other great Mac titles released this week? Fill any of my gaps below in the comments.

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