The week's best iPhone games, outer space edition!

This week’s iOS gaming list is full of stars.

I’d never have qualified for astronaut training, given that I can’t even handle roller coasters, but I don’t have to give up my spacesuit dreams thanks to this collection of new iPhone games. From interplanetary explorations to flight simulations to alien battles, these five games are made for outer space aficionados.

1. Tales from Deep Space

Few platformers manage to implement touch controls in an intuitive and user-friendly way; Tales from Deep Space is a rare exception, allowing the player to control two characters at once in this delightful, cartoon-y adventure. It’s challenging enough for an adult to enjoy, but its family-friendly humor makes it a good fit for a parent who wants to ensure their offspring learn to love space-themed adventuring.

2. Space Platform

Space Platform is also a platformer, but it’s a first-person space-jumper, not a 2D side-scroller. There’s enough gravity in this game’s interpretation of outer space to allow for some floating jump puzzles; it’s not exactly realistic, but it’s set in a post-apocalyptic future, and jumping through proverbial hoops in front of a gorgeous starry backdrop makes for entertaining fare.

3. Star Wars: Heroes Path

Do you want to teach your kids that the original Star Wars films were way cooler than the prequels, while also teaching them an important lesson about financial planning? Look no further than this puzzle game adaptation of Star Wars: A New Hope, which features fantastic animations alongside some unusual in-app purchasing decisions. If you’re patient and clever, you can solve all the game’s puzzles for the original $3.99 price tag; make sure you really need “Yoda’s Tips” before you pull the trigger.

4. Walkr: Galaxy Adventure


5. Piloteer

Piloteer might be pushing my “space exploration” theme a little bit, but this beautiful jetpack title will doubtless appeal to any adventurous soul. It’s a little like Jetpack Joyride and Lastronaut, but the graphics and atmosphere are floatier, lighter and slower-paced. If Icarus had made a game, this is what he would have made; make sure you fly a bit less recklessly than he would.

Your favorites?

What are your favorite iOS titles about exploring outer space? Tell me about all of the flight simulators and extraterrestrial explorations that have captured your heart.

Source: iMore

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