The HomeKit-enabled ecobee3 smart thermostat now hitting Apple Stores

The ecobee3, a HomeKit-enabled smart thermostat, is now available in a number of retail locations, including Apple Stores. The thermostat can also be found at Amazon, as well as Best Buy and Home Depot retail locations.

The HomeKit-enabled ecobee3 features support for scheduled and triggered actions, letting you coordinate its settings for certain times of day or events. These events can be in coordination with other HomeKit devices like lights, garage doors, and more. HomeKit’s built-in Siri support means that you can control your ecobee3 with your voice.

You can grab the HomeKit version of the ecobee3 for $249 right now. Note that for HomeKit compatibility, you’ll want the ecobee3 with model number EB-STATe3-02 or EB-STATe3c-02. The thermostat comes with a single sensor, with additional sensors available separately.

Get the HomeKit-enabled ecobee3 from ecobee

Get the HomeKit-enabled ecobee3 from Home Depot

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