The BlackBerry OEM Leather Pouch is a professional way to carry around your BlackBerry Leap

The BlackBerry OEM Leather Pouch is available to buy for BlackBerry 10 smartphones, the BlackBerry Leap version is no exception. I got my hands on one and took it for a spin for a while. One of the benefits of using the Leather Pouch is that your device is protect on the go but you can still use it in its naked form. Continue reading to see what I think of the BlackBerry Leap Leather Pouch.

The BlackBerry OEM Leather Pouch for the BlackBerry Leap is no different in design to other leather pouches available. You have the signature red thread on the right side, BlackBerry logo on the front and BlackBerry embossed name on the back. What is different on the Leap version compared to the BlackBerry Z30 version or even the Classic version is the way the pieces are sewn together. I’m no seamstress and don’t know technical term for it but I the Leap version has an edge to it. See photo(s). It is also a lot lighter that other leather pouches and feels a bit more flimsy, for lack of a better word. I say flimsy because when there is no device inserted, you can squeeze at the sides and it bends easily, with other OEM leather pouches, you can’t do this due to there being some sort of padding inside them. It is also due to the fact that there is no sleep magnet to be found either. Which is a first for BlackBerry OEM leather pouches, though it is because the BlackBerry Leap itself has no sleep sensor to begin with. Therefore there is no point in the case having a sleep magnet.

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