Square Enix releases Snack Truck Fever and Chaos Rings 3 for iPhone and iPad

Square Enix has released three new titles for mobile devices running iOS. We’ve already covered the launch of Lara Croft, but the publisher also released Snack Truck Fever and Chaos Rings 3.

First up is Chaos Rings 3, which is under Square Enix’s bread and butter genre, RPG. The title is the next instalment in the Chaos Rings series of games for the mobile platform, taking players to the Blue Star where unexplored lands, hidden treasures, monsters, legends and more await those who are ready for an adventure. Those familiar with previous party-based RPGs by Square Enix will feel right at home with Chaos Rings 3.

While Chaos Rings 3 has been available for some time, it’s the English version which has finally been released for gamers.

Snack Truck Fever

As well as Chaos Rings 3 now available in English, Square Enix also released Snack Truck Fever. The title is essentially a matching game, but with ingredients to create servings for finicky customers. There are more than 100 levels available, offering lengthy gameplay with a variety of characters.

Here are some feature highlights:

  • Over 100 appetizing levels and a cast of colorful characters
  • Fuse flavorful ingredients to prepare the dishes customers order
  • Connect six or more of a kind to create snacks and ingredients with special properties
  • Plenty of playful boosters to help you along your route, including:
  • Game data easily synced between mobile and tablet devices, so you can play the game on the device you want, wherever you want

Snack Truck Fever is free to download, but does sport in-app purchases.

Source: iMore

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