Spectra: 8bit Racing – Xbox One review

Last year, indie developer Gateway Interactive launched a chiptune-driven “racing” game called Spectra on Windows 8 and Windows Phone. The phone version got pulled from the Store for some reason, but the Windows 8 game remains fairly popular. Back when those games were released, the developer promised an Xbox One version would come as well. This month, Spectra finally arrived on Microsoft’s premiere console.

Spectra: 8bit Racing (ahem, that should be spelled 8-bit) is a single-player racing game that plays a bit like an endless runner; players don’t control their speed or compete against other racers. Racers will zoom across space on procedurally generated tracks while chiptune songs from British artist Chipzel blast away. And at $7.50, it won’t break Xbox One gamers’ wallets.

Are attractive neon visuals, a catchy soundtrack, and low price reason enough to grab Spectra? Read our detailed review with video to find out!

Source: iMore

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