Sonos dreams of adding Apple Music to the list of supported streaming services

Sonos dreams of adding Apple Music to the list of supported music streaming services for company products.

John MacFarlane, Sonos CEO, has publicly revealed Sonos wishes to strike a deal with Apple. Talking with The Guardian, MacFarlane states that while Apple isn’t likely to add support for Sonos immediately, the latter will certainly remain open for negotiations.

“I don’t believe you’ll see Apple supporting Sonos at launch, as it’s very much focused on the mobile phone. We focus on the home, but we are a very open platform, so we would love to see them on it. For a technology company, even if you’re Apple, that’s a no-brainer. It’s natural: that’s the device with you … But after that breadth of access comes quality, and the only environment for quality listening is your home.”

Which is where Sonos wants to take over and add Apple Music to the list of available services. “It’s all good news for Sonos, because the miracle is to marry on-demand with being able to play it in your home,” said MacFarlane. One thing to note is Apple already has AirPlay technology available that can be incorporated into speaker systems.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to see Sonos eyeing up a partnership with Apple, given the fact Sonos already supports Beats Music, but we’ll have to see what the Cupertino company does as its music service launches in multiple regions.

Source: The Guardian

Source: iMore

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