Social music discovery in the digital age

Two strangers, enjoying a concert, their only connection a mutual love of the music playing, their conversation cascading into all the other music they love. The modern, digital equivalent of that experience is not part of Apple Music, or any other music streaming service, but it’s the experience Dave Hamilton still longs for. From the MacObserver:

At the end of the show you wave goodbye and likely never see each other again. But that encounter you had was an anonymous-yet-valuable interaction where you learned about something new.

Why has no one created this sort of social interaction when it comes to online music? If I’m listening to Galactic why can’t I be offered the possibility of talking to other people who are simultaneously doing the same thing? Or why can’t I, at the very least, be able to look into the libraries — anonymously — of the people who have Galactic in theirs?

Back when I still worked in an office, several of us turned on iTunes Music Library Sharing over the network, so we could each see what the other was listening to.

There have been a lot of suggestions about Apple pulling Facebook or Twitter or some other social graph and presenting music liked by friends that’s similar to, but not contained in, your own music library.

There certainly are privacy and licensing issues to consider, but some form of social discovery and recommendation engine in Apple Music would certainly be interesting.

Source: iMore

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