Snooker will soon be sneaking into Pure Pool on Xbox One and Windows PC

Last month, a pool game called Pool Nation FX launched on Xbox One as a free Games with Gold title. Unfortunately, Pool Nation FX actually turned out to be pretty terrible. The menus are so unwieldy and loading times so long, I’d rather be watching people play pool on TV. To be fair, I haven’t played it since the recent patch rolled out. Maybe those blights have improved.

Luckily for pool fans, Xbox One and Windows PC already have a great recreation of the game in Pure Pool from Ripstone and VooFoo Studios. Pure Pool currently offers four pool game types: UCS 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Blackball, and Killer. Soon the popular game of snooker will also be represented, as Ripstone has just announced the impending release of Pure Pool Snooker DLC. Read on for details and the Snooker DLC trailer!

Source: iMore

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