Samsung's keyboard had an exploit that you probably don't need to worry about

Another security story misses the point, and your phone isn’t likely in any real danger.

Samsung’s stock keyboard — as in the one that ships on its phones — is the subject today of a piece from security firm NowSecure that details a flaw that has the possibility of allowing code to be executed remotely on your phone. Samsung’s built-in keyboard uses the SwiftKey software development kit for prediction and language packs, and that’s where the exploit was found.

NowSecure has headlined the entire thing with “Samsung Keyboard Security Risk Disclosed: Over 600M+ Devices Worldwide Impacted.” That’s scary-sounding stuff. (Especially when it includes bright red backgrounds and scary-looking images of what generally is known as a dead face.)

So do you need to worry? Probably not. Let’s break it down.

Source: iMore

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