Review: Making every speaker smarter with Beep

Beep is the start of a fantastic way to handle multi-room audio in your home, and with any luck it’ll end the same way.

Exactly 16 months from the day I heard about a new company being formed with a pair of ex-Googlers to tackle the challenges associated with connecting all of the speakers in your home and granting them access to all of the great music services we have on our phones, the folks behind Beep put their finished hardware on my desk. Connected speakers are everywhere nowadays, but the core idea that sets Beep apart from the crowd — mainly that there needs to be a physical component to connected audio controls — is still a big deal. Unfortunately, the things that will move this product from being a cool idea with a fantastic design to something everyone should have in their homes and offices aren’t yet available.

Here’s our review.

Source: iMore

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