ResearchKit gains iPad support in latest stable release

ResearchKit, the open source project from Apple aimed at improving medical research using apps, has reached a new stable version and added support for the iPad.

ResearchKit, the framework created by Apple that allows developers to build apps for medical research, has hit a new stable version, 1.1. Among the improvements in the latest stable version is iPad support. This should allow developers and medical institutions to build diagnostic and research apps specifically for the iPad. The larger screen on the iPad could be easier for some patients to navigate and use, compared to the iPhone’s smaller display.

Below are many of the significant contributions found in ResearchKit 1.1, along with their contributors.

  • Audiometry active task (Shazino SAS)
  • Reaction time active task (James Cox)
  • Navigable Ordered Task (Ricardo Sánchez-Sáez)
  • iPad support (Ricardo Sánchez-Sáez, Bruce Duncan, and others)
  • Image Capture step (Bruce Duncan)
  • Improved slider support (various contributors)
  • plus various bug fixes and style improvements

ResearchKit was originally released to developers back in April, following an announcement at Apple’s “Spring Forward” event in March. It is an open source framework built to solve problems currently found in medical research, including low sample sizes, privacy concerns, and inaccurate data reporting.

Source: Apple

Source: iMore

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