Philips Hue Go is a battery-powered bowl of light to have fun with

Philips has started making connected lights for people who are having fun, and they are starting with a clever portable.

For most folks, smart lights that change color and do clever things are irresponsibly priced and not worth owning. It’s not an unreasonable point of view, but when you look at smart lighting beyond a simple utility and start looking at them as entertainment accessories or technology to extend your digital presence beyond your smartphone, these products can be a healthy mix of useful and fun.

What we’re going to talk about next leans much further into the fun category than it does useful. In fact if you’re not already sure Hue bulbs are worth it for you I’d suggest clicking Lloyd up in the top left corner and finding something else to read, because the Philips Hue Go is not for you. Everyone else? Lets party.

Source: iMore

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