Penn State university will study if the Apple Watch can be used in the classroom

Penn State university is putting plans in place to launch a number of experiments to explore the effect of wearables like the Apple Watch have on human behavior. The team will also look at ways the Apple Watch can be used as a learning device in the classroom, to help boost student development.

Ben Brautigam, manager of advanced learning projects at Penn State’s Teaching and Learning with Technology program, told Government Technology:

“The thing with wearables is that these are highly personal devices, even more personal than your smartphone. We can take this customized point of view to provide recommendations to students to enrich certain aspects of their learning.”

Penn State staff will also decide how to integrate the Apple Watch into the study, potentially looking at the wearable as a solution for study reminders and personal trackers, as well as providing interactive content. It’s believed that by offering said interaction with the wearable, it could support a student’s awareness of his (or her) own learning and whether the learning material is fully understood.

The Apple Watch is being compared against other platforms with the end goal to see whether wearables could be used to aid with student learning. It’ll be interesting to see how functionality offered by the Apple Watch – including reminders – will work with university research to see how such tech could potentially make education more effective.

Source: Government Technology, via: Apple Insider

Source: iMore

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