Pebble Time review

The new Pebble Time is the best Pebble yet. But is that enough to compete in today’s market? And more important — should you buy this thing?

The folks at Pebble are back in the smartwatch game with the Pebble Time, and I’ve had one of the Kickstarter early bird models here for a little over a week. The smartwatch world has moved rapidly since the introduction of the original Pebble, and when looking at products like Android Wear and the Apple Watch, it’s easy to see they have some tough competition to face.

Can the Pebble Time stand against the likes of full-touchscreen Android-based watches from the big players who make our Android phones? That was my question going into things. In some ways, it can (and actually does some things better) — and in other ways it can’t.

It is all going to come down to what you want your smartwatch to do, how you want it to do those things, and what features you want to see on your wrist. Let’s kick things off with a quick review of the Pebble Time.

Source: iMore

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