Paper by FiftyThree rethinks brainstorming with new Think Kit tools

Popular drawing app Paper has been updated with Think Kit, a new set of tools for the app that let you quickly create charts, diagrams, and more.

Though a little later than expected, FiftyThree has now updated their Paper app for iPad with the new Think Kit tools. Aimed more towards professionals, Think Kit adds three new tools: Diagram, Cut, and Fill. These new tools, all available for free, let you quickly and easily make charts, graphs, diagrams, and more.


Create flow diagrams, org charts, axis lines, and wireframes. Diagram is a smart pen that transforms circles, rectangles, and triangles into corrected “smart shapes” that you can easily fill and arrange. You can also draw straight lines and connectors between smart shapes.


Add color to your ideas. Quickly create freeform color fills for trend lines and pie charts, or tap on a smart shape to fill it.


Rearrange shapes and create patterns. Select anything and move it with the Cut tool. Tap with selected objects to copy.

FiftyThree has also redesigned the app’s sharing functionality. You can now open your work in different apps, and save it to services like Dropbox.

You can download Paper from the App Store right now.

Source: iMore

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