One More Line – a fun, but sometimes painfully addictive, Windows Phone game

One More Line is a Windows Phone game that isn’t very complicated to play but can be a booger of a game to master. There is an addictive pull to the game as well that can be slightly painful at times.

The concept is simple. You have a space ship that is flying up the screen, drawing a colorful line behind it. The mission is to guide this gaming piece up the screen and avoid the various obstacles along the way. Steering your ship is where the challenge comes into play. You have to latch onto an obstacle, spin around and release in a manner to shift your game piece’s path where it won’t hit anything.

One More Line will test your skills at timing, patience and luck. The game is available for low-memory Windows Phones, as well as Windows 8 devices. There may not be much to One More Line, but it is a fun gaming title to pass the time with.

Source: iMore

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