Office apps for iPhone and iPad can now open, edit, and store files on iCloud

Microsoft’s Office apps for the iPhone and iPad can all connect to Apple’s iCloud storage service to store, open, and edit files, thanks to new updates for those apps.

The new versions of the Word, PowerPoint, and Excel iOS apps should make it easier for users to quickly store their documents remotely using iCloud. In addition, each app has their own new additions. The Word app has some new templates to choose from to make creating documents quicker, while the PowerPoint app now allows users to insert images and videos from the iPhone or iPad’s camera directly into any presentation. The app also supports a way to quickly change the layout of a presentation slide.

Finally, the Excel app now supports add-in programs that can improve the look of spreadsheets. This particular feature is currently supported only on the iPad and requires iOS 8.2 and higher.

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Source: iMore

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