New iPod models could arrive as soon as July 14

Apple is reportedly planning to announce a new lineup of iPods as early as Tuesday, July 14. While the iPod nano and iPod shuffle are said only be receiving new colors, the iPod touch will reportedly see upgraded internal components as well.

From iGen (translated from French):

For the iPod touch however, the jump in the numbering suggests a model seriously brought up to date, and not just because he abandoned the push button for the strap.

iPod touch improvements line up with what we’ve previously heard:

While nothing is for certain until Apple shows it off on stage or details it in a press release, my understanding is that the next generation iPod touch will finally leave the A5 processor behind and leap ahead, at least as far as the A7.

Talk of new iPods first started last week, when models of iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle were spotted in new colors inside iTunes 12.2. Should it come to pass, this will be the first major update that the iPod touch has seen in almost three years.

Source: iGen, via MacRumors

Source: iMore

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