Microsoft suspends Windows Insider builds as it preps for Windows 10 launch

In an updated blog post, Windows Insider chief Gabriel Aul has announced that, over the next 24 hours, Microsoft will suspend the release of Windows Insider PC builds as the company prepares for the full release of Windows 10 at the end of July.

The intent behind the move is to stress test the production release channels in preparation for a full rollout following Windows 10’s July 29 release date. Here’s what Microsoft says you can expect over the next 24 hours:

  • Builds 10162 and 10166 will no longer be offered over Windows Update, and whatever build you’re on will show as “up to date” if you check for new builds.

  • ISOs for build 10162 will be taken down from the site, and pre-release keys will no longer activate builds.

Windows Insiders will be among the first to to snag the final RTM build, which our sources claim is build 10240. ISOs will be available again in the future, but for the time being, Microsoft is focusing on distributing the RTM build through Windows Update to stress test its release channel.

It is not clear when Insiders will be able to get the 10240 RTM build, however, we are inclined to believe it won’t be too long from now.

Source: Microsoft

Source: iMore

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