Marcelo Claure's comments to John Legere about Jump OnDemand aren't wrong

John Legere has made quite the name for himself by speaking his mind and using PG-13 language in places you don’t usually see C-level executive for major companies doing so. He routinely pokes at the competition on Twitter, frequently calling out other mobile carrier CEOs and mocking decisions they’ve made recently. It’s usually fairly entertaining, especially when it’s clear one of these companies is rolling out a lamer version of a plan Legere’s team has just finished deploying.

As you’d expect, the other CEOs rarely respond — lets be honest, some of them probably don’t actually use their own Twitter accounts — but last night that changed. Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure — whose time would be better spent not screwing people out of video streaming — fired back at Legere in an unfortunately childish way, but in doing so made a valid point about T-Mobile’s new Jump On Demand service.

Source: iMore

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