Lets call the NVIDIA Shield Android TV what it is — a console competitor

Google and NVIDIA have come together to release a proper game console, one that has a surprisingly good out of the box experience.

You can’t throw a stick without hitting someone writing something about the downfall of the game console. Mobile gaming has exploded such that catering to the casual gamer seems like a more viable business model to some, and with a game console in your pocket what need have you for a device that tethers you to the couch? It’s a broad brush to paint with, and this past console generation proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the console gamer is not only here to stay, but demands more.

This amazing clash of gaming cultures is precisely why the NVIDIA Shield exists, and if the companies responsible for bringing it to life can keep the content flowing it’s likely we’ll soon recognize this device as the fourth major game console on the market.

Source: iMore

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