Kerbal Space Program achieves liftoff with version 1.0

Kerbal Space Program has finally hit version 1.0, marking the first release that truly reflects the original vision of the development team.

In Kerbal Space Program, you have complete control over space exploration. In a realistically-modeled universe, you can build, launch, and fly your rockets to your desired destination. Version 1.0 brings in a number of new features, including a completely revamped flight model.

With the new flight model, lift is now correctly calculated to all lift-generating parts. There are also new drag simulations, with lift and drag both being dependent on the speed of sound and air density, calculated from temperature and pressure.

In addition to the new flight model, there is also a new heating simulation, and resource mining has been added. You can find all the details on version 1.0 at Kerbal Space Program’s website here.

You can grab Kerbal Space Program from the game’s website, as well as from Steam. The game is currently on sale for $29.99, down from the normal price of $39.99. The sale is available until this Friday, May 1.

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