Is it more bugs… or more devices?

In the age of multiple devices, is managing them the biggest bug of all?

There have always been bugs and that won’t change any time soon. Yet the bugs of today always feel more aggravating than the bugs of yesterday. Part of that could be the number or severity of the bugs, but part of it could also be the number and importance of the devices we all now use and want to enjoy. Allen Pike, writing for his blog:

I have issues I’d like to sort out on my laptop, my desktop, my phone, my tablet, my backup appliance, and even my damned watch. Don’t even get me started on the satanic being that has possessed our Apple TV. Thinking about all those various problems at once, it’s easy to feel like Apple’s software quality has declined, but I’m not sure that’s the case. The quality could even be twice as good as it once was, but when everbody has half a dozen devices, each with its own operating system, bugs, and updates, a small number of issues per device adds up to an intolerable mess.

I use a two Macs, an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV on a daily basis as well, so I know of what Allen speaks. And I think he’s really on to something. A few years ago I had one Mac and one smartphone. The smartphone was terrible by today’s standards, rebooting when it made calls, received calls, or ran apps. But it was a novelty. And my Mac, compared to the Dell it replaced, was an Oasis.

Now I’ve come to depend on all these devices, and the interplay between all of these devices, and even if each one is objectively better, subjectively there’s so much more surface area for potential problems and annoyances that I’m almost sure to hit one — or several — at any given point along the day.

Source: iMore

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