iPad and how it can aid in medical recovery

Mike Wuerthele, managing editor for MacNN and Electronista, has started a new column. His wife suffered a stroke last week. Thankfully, she’s out of the ER, into rehab, and beginning the road to recovery. I can’t even imagine what she, he, and their family are going through. Mike, however, is sharing some of the technology they’re are using to aid in the recovery process, namely the iPad. From MacNN:

My name is Mike. As I’ve previously discussed, I’m the Managing Editor here at MacNN and Electronista. On Sunday night or Monday morning, depending on how you look at it, my 44-year-old wife suffered a stroke. After a few days in a mainline hospital, we were moved to a rehab hospital yesterday. Today has been a whirlwind of doctors, therapists, nurses, and more testing, but universally, what just about everybody is asking is… do you have an iPad? Why are they asking this? Well, let’s discuss it, and launch a new column while we’re at it.

Go read the whole thing. And speedy recovery, and all our best wishes, to Mike’s wife and family.

Source: iMore

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