Inside Android M's new Do Not Disturb mode

Things may still change, but the first Android M preview shows signs of bringing sanity to Lollipop’s ‘interruptions’ mess

The “interruptions” system in Android Lollipop is among the OS’s more controversial features, obscuring basic mute functionality behind a new layer of choices — “all,” “priority” or “none.” Android 5.1 brought some changes to interruptions, making it easier to understand how they work and change when the various modes are active. But for average users it still seemed like a complicated, over-engineered solution to a problem that didn’t really exist to begin with.

Enter Android M. At the recent Google I/O keynote, Google’s Dave Burke seemed to acknowledge that the changes to Lollipop’s volume setup hadn’t been particularly well received, and promised a “simplified” system in the next version of the OS.

While nothing here should be considered finalized — remember, ‘M’ is still a developer preview — there are enough interesting changes to mull over. We’ll take a closer look after the break.

Source: iMore

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