In pictures: Nexus 9 versus Dell Venue 10 7000 Series

Google and Dell both want you to use their Android tablets for productivity and entertainment, but the approach is what sets them apart.

Android tablets with large screens are mostly though to be no-compromise consumption devices. These are the computers that replaced inexpensive netbooks as a buying option for a lot of folks, especially with the volume of streaming video apps and games in the Google Play Store today. Google released the Nexus 9 to act as a sort of blueprint for large format devices, showing how quality front facing speakers and a high resolution display can make all the difference in the world. You can also use the Nexus 9 as a productivity device by sliding the magnetic keyboard folio into place and typing away on the mini keyboard.

Dell has approached things a little differently. The keyboard for this tablet is the star of the show, offering a quality typing and navigation experience without needing to worry about another battery or toggling a Bluetooth connection. Should you decide to play a game or something, the keyboard detaches and you’ve got an entertainment device with decent front facing speakers.

Here’s a quick look at these machines side by side.

Source: iMore

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