In pictures: Nest Cam vs Dropcam Pro

A side by side look at the old and the new.

Nest Cam, the first connected camera to come from the union of Nest and Dropcam, is remarkably similar to previous Dropcam products. This was mostly expected, especially when you consider Dropcam’s lineup was great and already worked well with Nest products. The most interesting thing to come from the Nest Cam announcement was the Nest Aware service, which takes the already great Dropcam software and improves it in a couple of cool ways.

The hardware, however, is very similar to the previous versions of the hardware. The casing is nearly identical, save for branding on the front of the device. We know that Nest Cam is a 1080p camera, which is an improvement over the 720p camera in the Dropcam Pro, and we know the microphone and speaker are slightly improved, but you wouldn’t know any of that with these two devices sitting side by side.

Source: iMore

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