I actually don't like the LG G4 — here's why

Everyone around here seems to be gushing over the LG G4. I dare to have a different view.

When LG took the wraps off of its latest G-series flagship, I immediately wanted to get one to put it up against my favorite phone at the time, the Galaxy S6. After being relatively unimpressed by the G3 with its performance issues and lackluster software, LG really had me excited with new internals and a bevy of high-end camera features.

Well I ended up getting an LG G4 — a grey plastic one, if you were wondering — to try just shy of a month ago, and it turns out I just haven’t fallen in love with it the way others have. Though it seems to possess all of the raw materials and features of a good device, it hasn’t been my phone of choice due to a few specific issues.

Source: iMore

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