How to view info about your Mac

You can’t be expected to remember every detail about your Macintosh.

Esoteric details like CPU speed, RAM and storage capacity, and what exact version of the operating system aren’t exactly the sort of informational tidbits many of us need to track all the time, let alone other information like your Mac’s serial number. But these details can be crucial when it comes time to troubleshoot or get help with your Mac. Fortunately OS X makes it really easy for you to find this out. In fact, it’s just a couple of clicks away.

How to view info about your Mac

  1. Click on the menu.
  2. Select About This Mac.
  3. The Overview tab reports details like which Mac model you have, the speed of the processor, memory configuration, graphics card and even the serial number of the computer. If you click on the System Report… button, the System Information app opens and provides many more details that may come in handy when troubleshooting specific problems.
  4. The Displays tab offers details about any displays connected to your Mac, whether they’re internal (as on a laptop) or external, including resolution and what video card is being used to drive them. The Display Preferences… button can be used to customize resolutions and more.
  5. The Storage tab offers details about what’s on your hard drive, including how much available space you have — useful to know before you get started on big projects.
  6. The Support tabe offers links to Mac help, your Mac’s user manual, Apple’s OS X support pages, and other online resources that can help you troubleshoot or get more help.
  7. The Service tab provides details about your Mac’s warranty and how to check its coverage status, plus information about service and support options.

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