How to check available storage on your iPhone or iPad

Check available storage on your iPhone or iPad

Many users of the idevices such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch want to know how much storage they’ve already used or how much it left available. But they don’t know how. Here, some related problem’s solutions are being provided.

To facilitate our both of work and lesuir we can sync and download different types of content on our iOS device. Some contents use more space like music movies or videos than others like as notes, documents or books. Generally, the apps that contain more complex programming or higher graphical interfaces use more space than simpler apps.

If the storage of your device is near at its capacity or you get any alert that your storage gets almost full, then you can remove some apps or contents that are hardly been used to make space for more.

How to check available storage on your iPhone or iPad

Check storage usage on your iOS device

  • First you have to Tap Settings
  • Then tap to General and then Usage
  • Then just select the Manage Storage and that will show you the amount of space occupied by every single app and content in your device.
  • You may select any app for more thorough information about its usage.
  • You might be able to delete several app’s content, or permanently delete the full app and all of its content but it will depend on its type.


Check the storage usage for your iOS device in iTunes

To check the storage usage for your iOS device in iTunes, you just have to connect your device and select it in iTunes. Your usage will be appeared on screen and differentiated by the content type:

  • Video: Movies, TV shows and music videos.
  • Audio: Songs, audiobooks, audio podcasts, voice memos, and ringtones
  • Apps: Installed apps
  • Photos: Photo Library, Camera Roll contents and Photo Stream.
  • Books: PDF files and iBooks books.
  • Documents & Data: The apps content such as contacts, messages, calendars, Safari Offline Reading List, emails and their attachments, and files that you’ve created by using your apps
  • Other: Settings, Siri voices, and other system data

iTunes will show you that how much spaces are being used by your different contents such as audios, videos, audiobooks or apps through a status bar chart at the bottom of the screen. But you can also find this information by selecting any of the item and then just choose File >tap to Get Info. The size will be showed in the Summary tab.

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