How 'Likes' work in Apple Music

There’s a heart to Apple Music, and it’s the ‘like’ button.

Like buttons let you express interest in things, from the social activities of your friends on Facebook to the pictures and videos that are most special to you in Photos. In theory, it’s a simple way to help a system understand how you feel about certain content so it can either convey that feeling to your network, keep content handy, or give you more of what you like. The problem is, many apps use ‘likes’ very differently. So, how does Apple Music and its hearts work? Jim Dalrymple asked Apple, and shared his insights on The Loop:

Tapping the heart does affect “For You,” the section of Apple Music that’s custom built with playlists, albums and songs tailored to your individual tastes. For You also takes into account music you add to your library and full plays you listen to. Skips aren’t really taken into account, because there are so many reasons you may skip a song—maybe you’re just not in the mood for it right now.

There’s quite a bit more on what likes do and, just as importantly, don’t do. Jim covers it all.

Part of me wish likes was more consistent between Music and Photos, but they’re very different apps doing very different things. So, I think what’s most important is that each is made as intuitive and functional as possible for its app.

Source: iMore

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