Home Sharing for music goes missing in iOS 8.4

While Apple’s latest iOS 8.4 update has brought the much anticipated Apple Music and Beats 1 to the world, a number of users are reporting one glaring issue: Home Sharing for music on iOS has seemingly disappeared.

A number of users have already taken to Apple’s support forums with complaints about missing Home Sharing for music on iOS devices. In checking with Apple’s support document on Home Sharing, it appears that the document was updated yesterday to reflect that only video sharing is supported on iOS.

So, while users can still stream the video content from their iTunes library to their iOS devices, it seems you’re out of luck for music. It’s unclear if the feature will make a return in the future, but the removal may be linked to music deals that Apple cut with record labels for Apple Music. For now, at least, Home Sharing still allows all content to be streamed to Apple TVs.

Via: AppleInsider

Source: iMore

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