Here are the other features coming in OS X El Capitan

OS X El Capitan brings with it a large number of changes, so let’s take a second to check some of them out.

Along with the major changes that Apple noted about OS X El Capitan, like improvements to Spotlight, performance, Mail app, there are a bunch of other features that have not been highlighted. During the WWDC 2015 keynote, Apple listed numerous other features that would be available as well.

Some of the other features include:

  • New system font
  • Keyboard shortcut for Chinese to English
  • Time to leave
  • File copy resume
  • Flights data detector
  • Safari top hit in Spotlight
  • Redesigned Disk Utility
  • Copy file path in Finder
  • New color picker
  • Resizable Spotlight Window
  • Improved Pinyin predictions
  • Autohide menu bar
  • Find My Friends widget
  • Suggested contacts
  • Improved AutoFill
  • New Japanese input method
  • Photos editing extensions
  • Mute a tab
  • Shared Links extensions
  • Create reminder from Share menu
  • New Dictionary languages
  • Redesigned crayon picker
  • AirPlay video
  • New Chinese system font
  • Last search
  • Rename from context menu
  • Strikethrough in Mail format bar
  • Suggested events
  • Arabic and Hebrew dictation
  • Chinese multiple-character input
  • Customize font in Safari Reader

This is just what Apple has on the slide when announcing OS X El Capitan. There is still time between now and its release for new features to be added, so stay locked to iMore to find out if anything new makes its way to the OS.

Source: iMore

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