Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S6 active

A familiar device with a serious change in looks and a big boost in battery.

Samsung and AT&T have partnered up again for yet another “active” Galaxy S, which like its predecessors builds on top of the flagship Galaxy of the year with lots of hard plastic, rubber and resistance from the elements. And just like previous models, the Galaxy S6 active also leaves the insides basically untouched, meaning you’re getting the same solid GS6 experience, including that great camera, underneath a decidedly more rugged exterior.

You get waterproofing, dustproofing and plenty of extra grip, and depending on what color you choose you may also get some camouflage (whether you like it or not). Oh, and you get a dramatic jump in battery capacity — up to 3500 mAh from the 2250 in the original phone. Want to learn a little more? Check out our hands-on and impressions of the Galaxy S6 active.

Source: iMore

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