Hands-on with Recon Jet Smart Glass

The fitness-forward face computer we’ve been hearing about for years has arrived, but its software isn’t fully baked just yet.

It may have taken the company a lot longer than originally expected to start shipping their wearable fitness computer, but we’ve finally got a Recon Jet in our hands to play with. While Recon Jet was originally compared to Google Glass, due largely to being the only other viable face computer with a price tag dramatically lower than Google’s offering, Recon Instruments couldn’t be more clear about the purpose of this computer. It’s a fitness accessory, allowing you to track your runs and rides without disconnecting you from the digital world. There’s even a camera so you can grab that quick photo or video of something cool you see on your excursions. And most important, it’s all baked into a pair of high-end, polarized sunglasses that are supposed to be comfortable enough to wear while performing these activities.

With well over a year of redesigns and polish, including a fun promo video showing off everything the device can do, lets take a look and see what’s going on with this crazy face computer.

Source: iMore

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