Hands on with ADR1FT and ABZÛ, two compelling titles from 505 Games

505 Games is a truly diverse game publisher. They’ve given the world Terraria, How to Survive, Sniper Elite 3 (forget that Zombie Army nonsense), Payday 2 (shame about the technical issues on Xbox One). There is even the mobile social networking app Cityglance. They show no signs of slowing down, either with Overkill’s The Walking Dead, Assetto Corsa, Adrift, and Abzu on the way.

I recently had the chance to play two of those upcoming games: Adrift for consoles and Abzû for the PC. Adrift (also known annoyingly as ADR1FT) casts players as an astronaut who has survived a devastating accident on a space station and must try to escape. Abzû is a beautiful underwater adventure in which a diver must explore the ocean while avoiding a menacing shark.

Both titles are extremely unique, and console and PC gamers should be excited for them! Read on for my early gameplay impressions.

Source: iMore

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